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    Neighbors are building community through generosity and trust.

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    Joining our Time Co-op is free. It only takes 5 minutes to apply on line.

    An orientation and checking of references is then required

    in order to become a member. Click here.

    You will receive on hour when you join. You will receive another hour
    when you fill out your profile. Just click here to let Mike know you have completed your profile;

    he'll credit your account with the hour. Happy exchanging!

  • About the Time Co-op

    Running eight years, over 400 members, free exchanges happening every day.

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    Turning strangers into friends.

    Sharing our gifts builds a trusting community.

    Have you ever wished you had someone around to give you a ride (for instance to the airport at 4 am!), help you run errands, pick you up after you’ve dropped your car off for repairs, pull weeds in your garden, give your daughter piano lessons, or just give you a hand when you need it? Someone you really trust?

    Many of us have friends, neighbors and family members who do help us out, but they can’t always be there in a pinch. In our Time Co-op community, someone is always there when you need them. It's like having an extended family to help with rides to the doctor, trips to the supermarket, help with the yard, chores around the house or childcare, etc.


    If you don't live in Southern Oregon, you can still be a member of our exchange. If you want to check out a time bank in your area, click here.


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